Map of Co Luy Port and Li Son Island (Map by Alex Giang). View larger version here.

The Port of Co Luy

The Port of Co Luy is located approximately 100km south of Hoi An Port in the estuary of Tra Khuc River in Quang Ngai Province and it has not been studied adequately by historians and archaeologists. This might be due to the limitations of the historical records about this port in the history of Campa (and even in the Nguyen Lord period). This region, however, was home to the Sa Huynh archaeological site and a huge number of Campa sites as well (including ancient ports, citadels, towers, etc.). Recent discoveries in the area near Co Luy Port, especially those of shipwrecks found recently offshore in Quang Ngai Province, have suggested that Co Luy Port once played an important role in the regional maritime trade network.

The Tra Khuc Estuary where the Co Luy Port is located (Photo by Do Truong Giang, 2012)

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